Most families eventually outgrow the space their homes provide for them, so making more room becomes a necessity. If you’re floating the idea of having an addition built onto your home you know what a big decision it is. Sometimes it is the toss-up between moving to a bigger home or adding onto the one you’re in now.

Don’t relocate, remodel!

Adding onto your current home is always easier. The hassles of moving are overwhelming, and an addition can be completely painless when you trust the right professional to do the job for you.

When you do decide on an addition you are in charge. You choose what you want and how you want it. You already love your home and now you can expand on it and make it even more ideal. Not only will an addition give you that perfect extra space, but it will add more value to your home.

Additions Ideas

Maybe you want to expand your kitchen, or add extra room to your dining area. Do you want a bigger master bath upstairs, or maybe you want your bedroom broadened. The sky is the limit when you are building onto your home. What you envision is what we can build for you.

We’ll bring your ideas to life.

At Authorized we listen to what you want and need in an addition and work with you to build your dream. We will give you an honest free estimate and a game plan so you’ll know when you can expect to start enjoying your new room. We are fully insured and we will give you a full one year warranty on our work.

We have 40 plus years’ experience providing quality customer service delivered with integrity, so when you want that addition we are the pros for the job. Contact us today to get started!