Are you licensed?
We are licensed by the state of Maryland. State Board of Master Electricians #7598 & Maryland Home Improvement Commission #131125
Do you safeguard our personal property during the job?
Yes, we take special consideration in erecting protective poly curtain walls to ensure the personal property in the non-work areas. Small work areas are protected by drop cloths/tarps on the floor. We also clean the work area daily.
What is your experience level in the home improvement fields?
Over 47 years in the construction of new residential and commercial buildings, and remodeling and restoration. Over 22 years in the residential & commercial electrical field.
Do you provide a schedule?
Yes. The size of the project will dictate the detail of the schedule.
Do you provide a free estimate?
Do you pull permits?
We pull permits for every job, if warranted. There are some projects we do that do not require permits. Some examples would be minor repairs, as long as structural/bearing walls are not being altered. Roof shingle replacement & window replacement typically does not require a permit. All electrical work that is NOT a repair requires a permit.
Who is in charge on the job?
Typically Scott is in charge or the lead carpenter/mechanic.
Do you provide written lien releases?
At the completion of your project, when the final payment is received, you will receive a written lien release as well as lien releases from our sub-contractors, if applicable.
Do you provide a warranty?
We offer a 1-year warranty on labor/workmanship.
Are you insured?
We are insured, through Ohio Casualty, for $2m general liability.