5 Benefits of Whole Home Generator Installation


Millions of people live in homes that do not have any sort of backup power. When storms and natural disasters strike, an entire neighborhood can lose power fast. Some homeowners may have to wait an extended period of time to get any sort of assistance from local resources, especially if power lines are down or transformers are damaged. This is not only frustrating, it could be somewhat scary.

A whole home generator will offset the frustration. These are lifesavers in many ways, especially if you have certain medications, or medical equipment that needs access to electricity. Explore the following benefits of having a whole house generator installed in your home and see why so many homeowners are on board with this idea.

  • The Draw of Power: First and foremost you will have power when you need it. If there is any problem on the gird, even if your neighbor’s home is blacked out, you will not face that. You will have power and it will be consistent because a whole house generator actively monitors the power coming to your home and turns on automatically if it detects a break in power.
  • No Danger of Explosions: A lot of portable generators on the market are gas powered. You do not need to worry about gas or propane if you decide to have a whole home generator installed. Portable generators aren’t meant to power a whole home. They are meant for camping trips and RV units that may need external power sources or for a few small appliances during a power outage.
  • Save Money in the Long Term: During an outage, you will not have to worry about losing all your food and supplies that need refrigeration. You will also not have to go away from your home; the power you generate will help you avoid a lot of the costly issues that many deal with during an emergency situation. That includes temporary shelter.
  • Keeping Things Armed: If you have a security system in place that relies on electricity, a generator can help. If there’s an outage or if someone tries to shut off the power to your home, you can rest assured that your whole home generator will automatically kick on. The generator will allow your alarm system to remain on and active, even if the rest of the neighborhood doesn’t have power.
  • The Glory of Peace of Mind: It’s never easy to put a price tag on peace of mind. However, it’s something that is absolutely important to every homeowner. Peace of mind allows you to rest easy. Whether you’re on vacation and the power goes out or you’re dealing with a natural disaster, this is an important piece of the overall puzzle.

A whole home generator ensures that your family never has to spend an uncomfortable night without power or heat. The winter storms we experienced in 2009 caused widespread power outages throughout Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Many people were without power for weeks and had to seek emergency shelter to keep from freezing. Early predictions for the 2015-2016 winter are calling for more snow this year than last year. Are you ready for it? Call us to discuss the installation of a whole home generator at 443-579-5701.