Combat Power Outages with Our Power Outage Guide


We are no strangers to power outages here in the Essex area. We easily remember the big snowstorm of 2009 and the snowstorm last year that rendered most of the east coast without power for a few days. Hurricane Sandy is often on our minds during the spring and summer months because of the utter devastation caused and weeks without power. We’ve put together this power outage guide for you to read at your convenience.

  • Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks – Some foods go bad more easily than others and with very little indication of freshness. Don’t take unnecessary risks with foods that have been left out for more than four hours. Discard meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and leftovers if the temperature inside the refrigerator reached 40 degrees or higher for more than two hours.
  • Leave One Light On – You need a safe indicator for when the power is restored. Leave one lights witch in the on position so you can easily tell when the power is restored.
  • Don’t Take Risks with Fire – It’s pretty safe to assume that the roads are bad if the power is out. Always place candles in a safe spot where they won’t be knocked over and create a house fire. The fire department may not be able to make it to your home in time in the case of an emergency if the roads are bad.
  • The Backup Plan – Battery backups are an absolute necessity if you have several electronic devices such as computers that should go through a specific shutdown sequence. A battery backup will protect your electronic devices and keep them running until you can save what you’re working on and shut them down safely.
  • Surge Protectors – The power coming to your home is likely to fluctuate during a storm. These power disturbances can cause surges that will destroy electronics such as computers and other appliances. A surge protector is designed to suppress surges and protect electronic equipment.
  • Generators – We recommend a generator, at least a mobile unit, for all homeowners. A portable power generator will keep several items powered for several hours. The bigger load you put on a portable generator, the more fuel it will use, so we recommend only connecting the essentials until you know how long the outage should last. They’re excellent for short power outages.

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