5 Hilarious Reasons to Install a CCTV Camera System in Your Home


Everyone is always talking about the practical reasons to install a CCTV camera system in the home. Yes it helps deter criminals, offers excellent photo and video proof of criminal activity, and offers you peace of mind while you’re on vacation or out for the night. No one really mentions the humorous side of owning a CCTV camera system. So that’s where we’re going today.

Know Exactly Who Took the Last Coke – No one ever knows who took the last coke; or the last candy bar; or the last chips; or the last one of anything. Show your family members that you’re keeping tabs on everything by simply rewinding the footage until you see the culprit, and then begin the public shaming.

Win Thousands of Dollars – America’s Funniest Home Videos still accepts video submissions. How many times have you thought, I really wish I’d caught that on video when someone does something stupid and funny? Stop wishing, and do it.

Know Who Drained the Milk Carton and Put it Back – This has been an issue in every home since the beginning of refrigerator usage. Someone puts the empty milk carton back into the refrigerator and no one can ever figure it out. Sometimes I don’t know does it – you’ll see more about this culprit later in this blog post. This creator of mayhem is wanted in every home across the nation!

Know Who’s Home before You Go Home – This one is important for a variety of reasons. Yes, you can make sure there are no intruders before you walk unsuspectingly into your home. But you can also see which of your housemates (or children) are home so you can plan accordingly. If you’re the type of household who enjoys practical jokes, this is the perfect way to see who you can get the drop on today.

Find I Don’t Know – This one applies to households with children, teenagers, or pets. It seems as if there’s always another person in the house named I don’t know. This person is often very destructive and leaves behind a mess. No one is ever to blame for anything. Whether it’s an argument between siblings, a broken dish, or the dog’s water bowl got kicked over… no one knows. So use your CCTV camera system to locate this I don’t know person.

Okay, that’s all fun and games, but on the serious side – a CCTV system can pay for itself in homeowner’s insurance savings, it can warn you ahead of time if there’s an intruder, and it can offer a significant amount of peace of mind. The practical reasons far outweigh the funny reasons, but most of our blog posts recently have been factual and practical so we decided to mix it up some today.

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