5 Tips for Maximizing the Lighting in Your Office


You can use lighting to create a variety of work areas within the same room. You can see this in work in nearly every commercial setting. Areas with highlighted special sales are literally highlighted with brighter lights and vibrant colors, and areas that don’t need quite as much attention are more sparsely lit. You can use lighting and color to lead customers through your store without implementing signs to lead the way. Let’s take a look at lighting for the office today.

Lighten the Mood

A brighter work area actually improves morale and lightens the mood in the workplace. People who work with computers on a regular basis or in insufficient lighting often suffer from fatigue, migraine headaches, vision problems, poor moods, and depression. Take the time to optimize the lighting in your commercial space and watch those ailments start to fade away.

  1. Brighten Up the Place – Lighting does, of course, brighten an area. Use a combination of color and light to really change the overall appearance of the office.
  2. Let Natural Light Shine – Maximize natural lighting by using floor-to-ceiling lighting and skylights where possible. Large windows allow you to focus natural light into a variety of work areas to enhance morale and reduce the amount of artificial light used each day. This power-saving technique reduces energy bills while allowing employees to enjoy natural light that they would otherwise miss while at work.
  3. Focus on Task Lighting – Each cubicle or office area should be very well lit, especially in reading areas or other areas that may cause eye strain. Task lighting may be turned off when not in use but turned on as needed to perform a job or read.
  4. Subtle Supplemental Lighting – Ambient lighting should be as natural as possible. Natural light is preferred, but LED lighting is a good second. The supplemental lighting throughout the office should be pleasant and introduce a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  5. Find the Balance – Discovering the perfect balance of lighting and color is often difficult. Don’t let it become frustrating; call us for a lighting consultation before you decide to throw your hands in the air and just go with fluorescent.

Types of Commercial Lighting

Fluorescent and LED are the most popular types of commercial lighting. Full spectrum lighting is the best regardless of whether you choose fluorescent or LED. Full spectrum lighting covers the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to near-ultraviolet. Sunlight is the best source of full spectrum lighting, which is why we recommend using natural lighting as much as possible. Live plants throughout the office space will also appreciate the use of full spectrum lighting over other lighting options.

Make sure all of your new lighting aids vision and enhances mood instead of unintentionally creating more problems than it solves. Improperly placed or angled lighting can hinder or block vision, making it very frustrating for employees. Call Authorized Construction Group, LLC at 443-579-5701 if you’re planning a new lighting system for your office.