6 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather


Thanksgiving is almost here, and December is just around the corner. Winter weather is settling into the Essex area, and now is the perfect time to make sure everything is in order for colder weather. Winterizing your home will protect it and your family from freezing temperatures. Always remember to take precautions and have a backup plan in case of an electrical outage.

  1. Prepare an Emergency Kit – Each member of the family should have an emergency kit for winter. It should include food, water, first aid items, medications, and a cell phone charger that works in the car. Also prepare an emergency kit that contains shovels, road salt, and kitty litter for traction; a battery powered radio and a flashlight, both with extra batteries.
  2. Plumbing – Protect your plumbing by turning off all exterior spigots, draining the water hose and sprinklers, and ensuring that the pipes in the crawlspace are well insulated.
  3. The Roof – Do a quick visual inspection of the roof to make sure the shingles are still in good shape and that there are no loose or missing shingles.
  4. The Attic – Inspect the attic floor to make sure it is well insulated everywhere. Warm air enters the roof from doorways, walls, and other under-insulated areas. The heat warms the roof and aids in the creation of ice dams.
  5. Windows and Doors – Check all windows and doors for cracks and air leaks. Remove screens and install storm windows and storm doors to help insulate them. Caulk around the outer edges of doors and windows to make sure they are airtight. Apply new weatherstripping to doors and windows to ensure a good seal. Apply bubble wrap to windows to add extra insulation.
  6. Install a Whole Home Generator – You never know when the next big snowstorm is going to knock out the power to your home. A whole home generator is generally powered by natural gas or propane and it continually monitors your home so it knows when the power goes out and automatically starts. We can help you choose the type of generator you need for your home and take care of the installation and setup for you.

Temperatures in the Essex area are dropping, and before we know it, we’ll be combating snow. Make sure to have your snow blower in working order, shovels and other winter preparedness items handy. Inspect and service the garage doors as well, to ensure that you can easily get into the garage for needed items.

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