Are You Guilty of These 5 Electrical Mistakes?


Many of the homeowners we assist with electrical problems have a way of thinking if it’s not broke don’t fix it or considering no news good news. We’re generally called in if something goes haywire; the dryer starts kicking a breaker, the homeowner can’t prepare dinner because the range, oven, and microwave can’t be used simultaneously, or something similar. Here are some of the most common electrical mistakes we run into on a pretty regular basis.

  • Exposed Wires – Electrical wiring should always be protected and hidden. This is the general rule to prevent injury to people and to prevent damage to the home. Exposed wiring is extremely dangerous.
  • Poorly Supported Outlets or Switches – Accidents happen. The dog or a toddler may run into an electrical outlet and cause it to become loose, or the drywall may begin to crumble behind the light switch leading into a high traffic area in the home. These issues present serious dangers and must be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Short Wires – Connections to outlets and light switches require a good amount of wire. They should never be stretched tight. In fact they should have roughly three inches of play.
  • Connecting Wires Outside Electrical Boxes – Never, ever, connect wires outside of the electrical box. The electrical box is designed specifically to keep you and your family safe and to prevent damage to your home. The misuse of electricity in this way is extremely dangerous.
  • Crowded Electrical Boxes – The electrical box needs to be thought of as an appliance of sorts. It needs room to breathe. Overheating due to lack of airspace can cause the colored insulation around the wiring to melt, which would have bare wires touching in time. This is a recipe for disaster.

DIY Electricians

We’re homeowners, too. We understand that it isn’t always easy to afford electrical work, so you do a few things on your own. Sure, you can watch a YouTube video and get a good idea of what’s going on. But that isn’t always the best way to handle things. Most YouTube videos, even when they’re uploaded by experienced electricians, don’t mention code. Installing electricity to code is only one of the many reasons it should always be left to an expert.

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