The Bathroom Maintenance Checklist: Fixing Loose Tiles

Beautiful tile work can turn a simple bathroom into a beautiful space. Tiles, like other home features, will age over time. Tiles can retain their sheen if you care for them, but dealing with tiles that have started to lift from the floor or wall is another story. You certainly don’t want your wall tiles falling off, as you will have to spend more money if they break. If you cannot find the identical types for replacing damaged tile, you will have to redo your bathroom entirely; what a headache!

Doing work on the tiles on the wall or floor of your bathroom is usually not as simple as putting the tile back in place. Usually other surrounding tiles will have to be removed so a thorough job can be done.  The repair method generally depends on the reason for the loosening and how many are coming loose. If you are planning to remodel the bathroom, you should add new tiles to the list for a different look.

When a house settles, this can lead to tiles becoming loose over time. Depending on how much the house has settled you could be looking at a quick fix or a major repair job. When there is significant settling, the entire floor may have to be reinstalled. You can probably remove a loose tile on your own then clean it and reset it. However, when a lot of them are coming loose, it is best to leave the job to the experts.

If the problem is widespread, there is the possibility that the wrong adhesive or a low quality product was used. Some adhesives are not suitable in areas where there is a lot of moisture. If water gets underneath the tiles, they will become loose. You will also run into problems if the cement underlayment is substandard. Then the tiles will not have the right. For a basic repair job with glued down tiles you will need:


Putty knife

Mineral spirits





Spread the cloth over the loose tiles and apply the iron so that the heat softens what is left of the adhesive. Use the putty knife to life the tiles, carefully loosening each corner to ensure that it stays in one piece. Remove the adhesive from the back with the mineral spirits and then apply fresh adhesive before putting it back in place.

When we deal with your tiles as part of a remodeling project, you can rest assured that you will be happy with the job. Before the work starts, we will help you select the right type and design for your bathroom. Tiles can give your bathroom the right character, and we know how to make this space a reflection of your tastes.

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