Don’t Let Closed Walls Stop You from Upgrading Your Wiring


If remodeling or electrical wiring were easy, everyone would be doing it. Even seemingly simple jobs can present a few challenges due to the dangerous nature of electricity. During the construction of a home, the wiring is installed before the walls are completed. But what happens when you need to install new wires and you need to cut into an existing wall? Making cuts into your drywall is not something you will be happy about, but we can show you how the job can be handled efficiently with minimal impact on your walls.

Making an Opening

Taking accurate measurements comes before any cutting is done. Whether you are installing an outlet or light fixture, it is possible to make neat cuts, both circular and rectangular shaped. A circle cutter or drywall saw should be used to make round holes. It is possible to run into problems if your measurements are off. Building codes specify the size of the holes that can be made for outlets to create a gap around the boxes. Being off by a fraction of an inch could force you to make adjustments that will weaken the drywall.

Running Wires

Running low voltage wires like speaker cables and phone lines does not usually require permission from building authorities. Electrical wiring must always meet established standards, so consult give us a call for these jobs. Our electricians are familiar with the size of the wire appropriate for each job as well as national and local building codes for all types of electrical work. Running wires in hollow molding is a suitable alternative in some cases, so be sure to consider this option.

Closing an Opening

When you are not putting in a receptacle or outlet, the cut will have to be resealed. Clean the opening first, as residue can make it difficult to put the flap back into place. Drywall tape can effectively seal the opening and hold the cut section in place. Strategic selection of areas to cut will also help with the entire process as you can avoid the studs and insulation.

There is good reason why many Essex, MD area homeowners rely on our electricians to handle their wiring needs even for small jobs. If you feel that you need some electrical adjustments, talk to us about the best way to go about it. Typically, these jobs can be completed in just a few hours.

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