Essex, MD Kitchen Remodeling Trends in 2014


We may not all appreciate fads, but trends are a different story. Trends often span several years and increase the value of your home while fads come and go quite quickly. Today we’re going to go over some Essex kitchen remodeling trends that we noticed were popular during 2014 and may continue to gain popularity throughout 2015.

New Countertops

Not just new countertops, but new cement countertops. Cement or concrete is quickly becoming a popular choice for homeowners during a kitchen remodel. Cement countertops may be customized to meet the needs of any homeowner because it can be stained and finished to look like any other material including:

  • Marble including Carrara and Calacatta
  • Natural stone including granite, honed granite, and quartz
  • Wood including rustic butcher-block style countertops
  • Glass or polished glass
  • Tile, any type

Concrete has the ability to take on many appearances. It can be stained, painted, glazed, and shaped to fit your unique style and tastes.

Open Shelving

More people are embracing a minimalistic lifestyle with open arms. They’re getting rid of items that aren’t used on a daily basis and truly simplifying life and their decor in the process. Open shelving allows you to color coordinate your everyday-use dishes and display them as part of your kitchen decor. It’s a win-win!

Neutral Kitchen with Splashes of Color

Neutral colors never go out of style and match nearly any color decor you choose. A neutral wall color allows you to correctly utilize ideas like open shelving as listed above, and order countertops to either match or contrast based on your vision.


A backsplash protects your wall from unintentional grease, food, and water splatters. Some homeowners choose to use a tile backsplash where others choose a solid slab. As we mentioned above, concrete may be poured, cut, stamped, stained, and designed to be the perfect solution to all of your solid surface needs. Consider designing a custom backsplash that perfectly matches the rest of your kitchen.

Hand Painted Furniture

Many homeowners love their existing cabinets as well as their kitchen and dining room furniture, but feel that it looks outdated. Modernize your existing furniture by painting it by hand to truly customize it.

ADA Compliance

ADA compliant kitchens were also popular during 2014 and will likely continue indefinitely. ADA compliant remodeling includes several steps to creating a safer, more efficient home environment for people with disabilities or mobility issues. ADA compliance in the kitchen includes the modification of countertop heights to accommodate people in wheelchairs, changing drawer and cabinet pulls to make them easier for arthritic hands to operate, and widening access points by potentially removing a kitchen island. Several other kitchen points come into play during an ADA compliant remodel, but that’s a brief overview.

Remodeling Your Kitchen in Essex, MD

Kitchen remodeling can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. You may like the layout of your existing kitchen but want an entirely new surface remodel. We can refresh the entire appearance of your kitchen while leaving the layout as-is. Or we can tear it all out, start from a blank room and rebuild the entire thing. The ultimate decision is yours – like the decision to call us here at Authorized Construction Group, LLC, in Essex, MD.