Fixing Gaps in Your Home’s Floor Plan

Home construction, like art, is never truly finished. No matter how happy you are with all the elements that make up the interior of your home, you will see the potential for changes over time. Sometimes you will be forced to make changes based on evolving tastes or a growing family. It will be obvious when something inside your home is in urgent need of change. Some of the most common questions people ask themselves during times of change include:

Could we use more living space?

Is it better to convert the basement for more living space instead of building a home addition?

Should I remodel the kitchen or just renovate the existing room?

Where can I improve my home the most?

What is the most cost effective remodeling option to achieve my goal?

Here are several things you can keep in mind while considering your options:

Minimizing Clutter: Sorting through all of your stuff is just the beginning. You will also have to get creative with your space, even if you decide that remodeling is right for you. Recessed shelves can help to solve your storage problems without taking up too much space. Of course, nothing beats space problems like actually creating more leg room. Adding another room to the house such as a bathroom can help. You can even increase the size of your bedroom, build on a home office, or convert your basement into additional living space. There are many ways to get rid of storage problems when working with the right contractor.

Revisiting the Kitchen Design: The kitchen is a problem area in many homes, and an expansion is usually the only way out. Making changes to your kitchen can have a big impact on your home’s interior layout. Maybe your kitchen needs additional countertop space. Additional cabinet space can make the kitchen roomier, and make it easier for the family to gather.

Building a Deck: Look at pictures of homes that have decks and you will see how they help create a strong visual impact. Installing large bay windows that look out onto the deck will make the interior seem more spacious and help bring the outdoors into your living area. You can also install glass doors for the same effect. A deck will allow you to spend more time outdoors freeing up space inside the home.

Choosing the Best Home Improvement Idea

When your interior begins to feel cramped, the solution is usually easy to find. We can look at your home and work out the areas that are ideal for expansion. We will not only focus on giving you more space, we will give you a beautiful addition that adds value to your home. A better interior design will be better for everyone. It will make the home more comfortable and give you plenty of extra room.

Call our Essex, MD office at 443-579-5701 to discuss your ideas or schedule a free consultation at your home. We will walk through some ideas with you and help you discover the best solution to your home improvement needs.