Hurricane Season is in the Air – How to Stay Safe around Electricity during a Storm


Mother Nature is a beast when it comes to stormy weather. Homes here in the Essex, MD, area deal with a lot of gusts, rain, sleet, snow and more depending on the time of year. The best way to ensure that your family, home, and office are safe is to make sure that you take on a little bit of planning ahead of the issues that may come down the line. Hurricane season, for instance, is definitely tough in regards to electrical systems during storms. Electricity is not something that you want to take for granted or fool around with which is why the following tips have been compiled.

Use Your Tech Wisely

Make sure that you’re ahead of the storm, by following patterns and storm updates on your smartphone. Before storms hit, make sure that you have extra batteries, and charge your phone completely. You may even want to look into buying battery operated radio to ensure that you are getting up to the minute news when power outages occur.

Get a Generator

One of the best things that you should invest in before hurricane season hits hard is a generator. Look at finding a high quality full house generator and hire us to install it properly. Do not just assume that you can do this safely as a DIY project. All safety protocols and precautions must be followed when installing a whole house generator. You may also consider purchasing a gas powered generator that will power a few things and charge your phone or laptop during a short power outage. The type of generator you choose depends entirely on what you want to power or charge during a power outage.

Never Touch Wires

Even if you’re handy around the home, don’t assume that you can easily touch wires and fix things. In fact, never touch power lines, wires, or anything that is sparking or electrical. Even if power seems to have gone out, leave these items alone and walk away from them. You never know what could go wrong or if you can end up with a serious injury as a result. During a storm, after a storm, and any time you are dealing with electricity, don’t touch anything with bare hands. Even if you turn off the power, or there’s an outage, be extremely careful and use proper safety gear.

Don’t Force Plugs

If you have a generator, or you are running extensions to an outlet in your garage or somewhere else, don’t force the connections. For instance, if you have a 3 prong plug, don’t bend, break, or try to circumvent the third connection. Furthermore, make sure that all wiring you may run outside is graded and safe for outdoor use. The last thing you want is to cause problems as a result of ignoring this simple tip.

In the end, don’t take electrical matters into your own hands. Leave things alone, and make sure that experts assist you with anything electrical, especially when hurricane season looms ahead. It’s better to be safe than to risk getting seriously injured or worse. Give us a call at Authorized Construction Group if you’re in need of an electrician for the installation of a whole house generator, security cameras, or for post-storm repairs.