Ideas for Building a Home Addition in Essex, Maryland


The decision to build onto your home isn’t always an easy one to make. We understand that it is a major decision that will impact your lifestyle in a negative way for a few months during the actual building phase. But imagine the final product. Remind yourself that you will have the room for that new media center, the new bedroom suite you’ve always wished your home had, or the lovely staircase that leads to your new upper level. Whatever your home addition dreams are, we’re here to help. Call Authorized Construction Group, LLC, to discuss your ideas in detail. We’ll help design and plan the perfect addition to your home.

For now, here are several ideas to consider:

  • Gabled Sunroom Addition: Some Essex neighborhoods provide amazing views. A sunroom could be the perfect addition to your home. They allow you to truly enjoy the outdoors regardless of the exterior temperature.
  • Room Addition: You may find your existing home in need of additional room if you’ve recently had a child or invited elderly parents to live with you. The addition of a second master bedroom suite will add a lot of space and functionality to your home.
  • Second Story: You may have heard the expression, “it’s less expensive to build up.” It’s more than an expression, it is fact. It is actually less expensive to build a second story than build an equally-sized addition to the first floor of your home.
  • Dormers: A dormer expands the space in attics and attic bedrooms by increasing the wall and ceiling height. This is a great way to add an upstairs bedroom, play room or craft room.

Use Your Imagination

Make a list. An actual paper and pen list is ideal, but a notepad document works. Write down everything that you would change about your existing home if you had the chance. Be creative, be crazy, and let your imagination soar. Give us this paper when we visit for our consultation, so we can see the heights of your imagination. Our goal is to turn your existing home into your dream home, and if we can make that happen, we consider it a job well-done.

Create a Budget

Building a home addition isn’t a cheap process. Planning, materials, and the actual building process itself add to the cost. A lot of the costs involved in building onto your home include the materials you choose. Our advice to many homeowners is to splurge on specific items that will make the most impact while choosing others carefully and conservatively.

Your home addition doesn’t have to break the bank in order to be amazing, but don’t expect cheap materials to create the addition you want. Cheap generally equates to low quality, and no one wants a finished low quality addition. Call us for some great ideas on where to find the best quality materials for the best price.