Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal with a New Lighted Garden Walkway


There are several pieces to the puzzle of home ownership. Once you’re in your home, you will find that you may want to renovate, upgrade, or simply maintain the overall value. In time, you may even want to sell your home, and that means enhancing certain positives and creating new elements to help with the selling price.

Amidst the most compelling elements that you should focus on is something known as, curb appeal. This refers to a home buyer viewing your home from the curb and getting a sense for what they are about to look at and explore. If you can connect the look and feel of your exterior to a home buyer that steps out of their vehicle, you will have more luck selling. A lighted garden walkway could make someone fall in love with the home and increase the payout.

A great outdoor area can also increase the value of your home and make you the proud homeowner if you have no intention of selling. Let’s take a look at several things you should consider when adding electricity to an otherwise plain garden walkway.

Natural Stone

The first option you should consider is within the framework of stone. There are a lot of stone options that you can explore. You could go with imperfect pieces, which always seem to work well, or you could look into stone steps that have been manufactured for this job.

Plant Types

Choose plants that are hardy for the Essex area and build out your gardens from there. Choose where you want to use large shrubs vs. smaller flowering plants. Hire a landscaper if you’re unfamiliar with the types of plants that work well together in this particular type of setting.

Residential Exterior Lighting

You can’t simply install any type of lighting outside; it has to be classified as exterior lighting. And please remember that electricity and water do not mix, so take extreme care, or allow us to install the lighting for you. We are very experienced with both interior and exterior lighting installation, and we can make sure that your garden walkway looks amazing day and night.

Curved Walkways

Use landscaping to offset a curved path and guide individuals to the front door. This can give you a very appealing look and feel from the curb through the walking path to the front of a home. Use large stones to accentuate the landscaping, and you’re going to find that it connects comfortably with the value and overall curb appeal.

When it comes to garden pathways, you are able to go with a lot of different ideas. There is no one thing that stands out among others. Take your time to look for inspirational solutions. Whether you want an easy access to other locations on your property or you want to make a potential home buyer fall in love with the exterior of your home, a lighted garden walkway can provide the appeal you want.