Instead of Moving Renovate and Rejuvenate Your Home


Transforming your existing home into your dream home is likely going to be less expensive than purchasing a new home and moving to another neighborhood. And it’s much less of a headache when it’s all said and done. Moving requires you to pack up all of your personal belongings, pack them into a moving truck, drive them to the new location just to unpack them and put everything into the desired place again. The entire process is usually described as nightmarish and headache inducing, especially when your favorite dishes or decorations get broken or damaged along the way.

Consider remodeling your existing home instead of looking for a different home to purchase. Think of it as an adventure of sorts. Which wall could you knock out to create a larger area? Would you like to add a formal dining room so you don’t have to use the eat-in kitchen as often? How many bathrooms would you build to accommodate your family? The list of questions goes on and on.

The Myth of the Seller’s Market

Even though there are a lot of areas that are bouncing back, the notion of a seller’s market is not true right now. In fact, if you look at real estate, and you really put in a due diligence, you will find that you are likely going to lose money on your home. Let’s say that you get a good appraisal, you still have to convince someone to buy it. Even if you could, the costs associated with everything, becomes difficult. People are too optimistic about the market right now and it shows. Don’t be fooled.

Add Value

Take a step back. Consider taking a serious step back and you will find that you can easily renovate your home and create value where it may not be. For instance, you could finish a basement, remodel a bathroom, increase the walking space in the kitchen, and even create a far better bedroom suite. These can add tens of thousands of dollars of value to your home. Adding this will make the selling process a far easier process.

The Cost is Far Less Than You Think

At the end of the day, budget is important. Rejuvenating your home will cost far less than selling and moving to a new home. This is a guarantee that you can illustrate by talking to a good construction company like Authorized Construction Group, LLC. We can help you illustrate the numbers. Finding a good resource to remodel not only outweighs the benefits of selling, but it can help you stay put and grow with your family. Think about all that is involved with moving, especially if you have been in your home for years. You may find that moving can be far more difficult than you may realize.

Take a chance, renovate, and turn the home you once loved into that an even more incredible space. You’ll be surprised with how amazing a simple renovation can become.