Life Hacks for Small Bathrooms

One of the most common complaints homeowners have about their bathrooms is that they are too small. If you can’t afford to expand yours right away, the answer might lie in remodeling. Smaller, sleeker fixtures can make the bathroom roomier. Also, a creative hacks can help you to make better use of the space you have.

Install a second curtain rod: Put another rod on the inside of the shower for hanging items like soap and shampoo.

Look for creative ways to add shelves: There might be enough room to put a shelf over the bathroom door. Spice racks make quick and easy storage solutions that can help you to get organized. You can also use adhesive to attach small containers to the inside of the medicine cabinet door.

Decorate large tin cans and glue the bases to a board: This will make a nifty storage solution for towels. Secure the board to the wall and put rolled up and put towels inside the cans.

Use plastics tubes: Attach plastic tubes or PVC pipes to the inside of the vanity door to store curling irons and other small items. Just make sure the door will close properly when items are stored. 

Install towel racks: The back of the door makes an ideal spot to install towel racks if you have a small bathroom. Use coat hooks take up less space than towel racks in bathrooms with limited space. You can put a few of them close together and hang more towels than you normally could. Since these hooks come in a variety of styles, you will have no trouble finding something that suits your bathroom.

Create addition shelves: If you have a bathtub with no tiles around it, you can build a frame and install doors with small shelves for storing a variety of bathroom products.

When you realize that your family has outgrown the bathroom, the only options you have will be to either expand or add another one. The choice will depend on the physical space that is available for an addition and your budget. Of course, you can also customizing the bathroom with cabinets, vanity or shower to make the ideal use of your space. Ultimately, the most creative decision you can make is to give us a call at Authorized Construction so we can give you the bathroom you have always dreamed about having.