Plan Your Essex, Maryland Deck Now for a Perfect Spring Build

Plan Your Essex, Maryland Deck Now for a Perfect Spring Build

Deck Renew

Designing the perfect custom deck takes time. You may spend a couple of months looking at photos and dreaming up unique deck designs before you actually contact a contractor to discuss the project. We would love to be part of your planning process. We have more than 10 years of experience building decks and other home improvement projects. Call us at 443-579-5701 to schedule a consultation; it’s never too early to start planning for a spring build!

Choose Your Deck Design

Your deck may be as unique as you wish. Your home is not exactly like any other, so why should your deck be just like your neighbor’s? Get creative while designing your deck, and create a true work of art. Look for photos online, and flip through your favorite home magazines for pictures that inspire you. Keep a portfolio of the images so you can share your ideas with us during the consultation.

Choose Your Ideal Decking Material

The variety of decking materials is mind boggling. You may choose hardwoods, softwoods, sustainable and eco-friendly wood types, or a variety of composite materials. Here are several ideas to choose from:

Pressure Treated Wood: Lasts about fifteen years with regular maintenance. This is the least expensive deck material.

Natural Wood (Such as Cedar or Redwood): Cedar is naturally rot and insect resistant. It is available in Red Cedar or White Cedar. Redwood is generally harvested in California.

Tropical Hardwood: Golden Ironwood, Cambara, and Cumaru fit into this category along with several other types. We can provide a list if you’d like to consider this idea.

Composite Materials: Composite decking materials are made from a blend of plastic and wood fibers. They do not splinter and never need to be stained or painted. They do need regular cleaning to prevent mildew.

Choose Your Deck Finish Style

Many homeowners choose only to stain and seal their deck. What you do will depend greatly on the material you choose to use. If you already know you’re going to paint your deck to complement your house, you may choose to use pressure treated wood. Staining on the other hand, requires a wood with nice grain such as a natural wood or tropical hardwood.

The Bottom Line

Your deck needs to be your own creation. We’ve built decks that range from small to large, and simple to intricate in design. We enjoy the challenges presented to us by homeowners who go the extra mile to be unique and creative. Consider installing an area especially for your grill or maybe even an entire outdoor kitchen area so you can more effectively entertain guests.

We have experience building decks in the Essex area. We live in Essex, so we strive to make our local neighborhoods look amazing. Our goal is to help local homeowners achieve their homeownership goals by lending our expertise and experience in remodeling, building home additions, and creating incredible decks that improve the quality of life for our neighbors. Call us at the number above to discuss the details of your springtime deck build.