Projected Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2015


We’re already seeing some emerging kitchen remodeling trends that look like they will remain strong throughout 2015. Today we’d like to discuss some of those trends and give you some tips on how to take advantage of them. If you’re planning to remodel your Essex, Maryland kitchen in 2015, call Authorized Construction Group, LLC. We are an all-inclusive design build firm with the experience necessary to make your kitchen truly one of a kind.

Open the Floor Plan

This was a very popular trend in 2014 and it still holds ground today, so we believe it will be a continuing theme throughout 2015. Homeowners with enclosed kitchens are knocking down walls to create an open floor plan. This doesn’t necessarily add space to the kitchen itself but it does create a more open feel, which works wonders for small kitchens.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Big box stores may be taking a bit of a hit on cabinetry sales to high-end clients. Many are choosing custom wood cabinets over those available at the local home improvement store. Wood cabinets stand up to the test of time and add a warm, natural, timeless elegance to your kitchen. We see this trend easily continuing throughout 2015.

Open Shelving

Many Essex area homeowners are tearing out upper cabinets in attempt to create a more minimalistic appearance with clean lines. Open, or floating, shelving is taking the place of big, bulky cabinetry. This creates new opportunities for decor and adding splashes of color throughout the kitchen.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faucets

Don’t worry, stainless steel is still a viable option, but oil-rubbed bronze has emerged as a major contender in recent months. Many homeowners like the dark, dramatic appeal that oil rubbed bronze introduces to their kitchen.

Dramatic Colors and Hand Painted Designs

We saw an increased number of homeowners choose dark, dramatic colors for their kitchen throughout 2014, and we have reason to believe this trend will continue throughout the next year. Dark wall colors that coordinate well with lighter cabinetry and countertops really create depth and an elegant ambience.

Hand painted designs on furniture, cabinetry, and walls became popular this year as well. Homeowners are leaning toward painting their furniture to repurpose it instead of buying all new furniture. Painting or staining the kitchen cabinets allows you the freedom to create any design you wish and enjoy a 100% unique design.

Glass Backsplashes

Backsplashes are traditionally tile. That particular trend seems to have fallen to the wayside as glass comes to the forefront. A solid sheet glass backsplash provides the same protection against splatters but looks cleaner and sleeker, providing a more elegant appearance.

Remodeling Your Kitchen in 2015?

Call Authorized Construction Group, LLC, if you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project in the Essex, Maryland area. We’re a full service design build firm with one simple goal – to create something amazing during each of our projects.