Protect Your Home and Loved Ones with HD CCTV Cameras


Protecting your home and your loved ones should be paramount when you purchase a home. There’s a variety of different things that you should consider, starting with the locks and points of entry. Having these in place will help you stay safe, and allow you to maintain peace of mind. Aside from the rudimentary elements, there are a few things you should consider when looking at setting up HD CCTV cameras and alarm systems. The following tips may help shed some light on this solution moving forward.

Who’s Knocking?

How do you know who is knocking before you unlock the door? If you don’t have a peephole or windows that allow you to see who is standing there, you’re taking a risk every single time. What if it’s someone looking to break in and rob you? They are checking to see if you are home, and will most likely communicate to others when they discover a good time for a sneak robbery. Statistics show that burglars enjoy walking into a home from the front door. With a camera in place, however, you can determine who’s knocking before you answer.

You can connect to your camera system using your smartphone, computer, or tablet in case you’re not home and you need to alert authorities. The high definition (HD) cameras used in this type of system generally streams in full color and provide a very clear picture of the person standing at the door. The backdoor and even garage can use this technology.

Basement Areas

If you have a finished basement, or you simply have windows that lead to the basement, it’s imperative that you have a monitor there. Basements are usually easy targets for burglars to gain access to a home. They’ll even wait for you there, and when you leave, they walk through the home and take what they want. You need to have something in place at the base and top of the stairs leading your home and basement areas. This will help you again focus on finding out who’s there in case you need to call authorities or trigger an alarm system to scare off would be burglars.

Technology Helps Today

HD CCTV cameras are great to put into place to protect your home, and you can install them in various locations. You can cover them, or put them just about anywhere and have a crystal clear image of who’s at your door, who is prowling, and shine light on their activities. What is special about these modern concepts, however, is that you can tie them to your computer and smartphone. Imagine having full control of these cameras and watching your property from miles away, knowing whether or not you need to call for help, or whether you should turn your alarm on and cast light on prowlers.

If you’re going to go with a high tech solution, make sure that you use strong passwords for the wireless signal and internet connection. Furthermore, keep all software up to date, frequently check the footage that comes through the cameras and make sure that you do field testing when you’re away. Setting up cameras can be simple enough, but you still need to do some work with the technology to tie all this together perfectly. The biggest security flaw you may run into is not so much the cameras in place, but the internet connection that you tie to the system, so be careful.

If you’re in Essex, MD or the surrounding area, and would like to install an HD CCTV camera system to protect your home, call Authorized Construction Group for a quote. We regularly work with homeowners to install camera systems as well as assist with other electrical issues.