Residential Lighting and Electrical Services

Residential Lighting and Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Residential electrical and lighting problems crop up out of the blue and usually at the worst possible time. We offer lighting and electrical solutions for all residential electrical problems. Authorized Construction Group, LLC, is more than your average construction company. We take care of electrical, HVAC, and plumbing issues as well.

Residential Interior Lighting Solutions

Interior lighting is much more involved than installing a few light bulbs here and there. Many lighting options available today allow homeowners to create a truly unique lighting experience that will create an impression on your guests. Unfortunately, light bulbs burn out from time to time, and must be replaced. You may require professional help to change the bulbs depending on where the lighting is located in the home and the type of bulbs required.

Residential Exterior Lighting Solutions

Exterior lighting has the ability to transform your property into a mystical wonderland or simply provide light at night for security purposes. We help homeowners achieve all types of exterior lighting goals, and provide ongoing support on an as-needed basis. Exterior residential lighting requires a certain amount of maintenance, like all other things related to homeownership.

Residential Electric Solutions

Electricity is not something that the average homeowner should take on alone. The risk of electrocution is very high, especially if one mistake is made. A single shock from an outlet is enough voltage to burn the skin or make the average person choose to leave electricity issues to the professionals. We provide all electrical services whether you’re building a new home, rewiring an older home, or remodeling your existing home.

The ACG Edge

Most construction companies must form partnerships with electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians. Authorized Construction Group, LLC, (ACG) is not most companies. We have a Master Electrician on our team at all times. In fact, we began as an electrical contracting business in Essex, Maryland in 2003 and we’ve grown to provide a wide array of services since.

Here at Authorized Construction Group, LLC, you will work consistently with Scott, the owner, or a trusted project manager. Either way, you will have a single point of contact for the duration of your particular project to minimize confusion and ensure a quality experience by all.

We have worked with a variety of homeowners throughout Maryland, and we look forward to working with you. Call us any time at 443-579-5701 to discuss your interior or exterior residential lighting or electrical needs. We will schedule an appointment to visit your home to thoroughly assess the situation, and provide additional ideas based on our experience and expertise.