Strengthening the Supports of a Sagging Deck

Wooden structures have a finite lifespan, no matter how well you care for them. Outdoor decks can break down over time, and they are only as good as the foundation they are built on. Parts of the deck will begin to settle, possibly due to age or because the soil starts to shift. In a few cases, homeowners have been the victims of shoddy deck building practices. Taking steps to arrest the problem can save your deck.

Post Replacement: This is usually only utilized in extreme cases and it is not always a simple task. One common reason for the support posts sagging include being undermined by soil slippage. Sometimes the age can lead to the post weakening. Before the replacement begins, bracing the posts with joists to provide support for the deck is necessary. The job will most likely include adding new concrete for the foundation.

Bracing: If the sagging is not too bad, you might be able to get by with some bracing, at least for a while. Wooden or concrete blocks can be used to support the joist braces. In fact, you can use anything that will bear the weight. You can also do this after you have taken steps to raise a sagging deck. The success of this method will depend on the integrity of the soil base.

Cross Joist Bracing: By supporting more than one joist at a time, you can raise an entire sagging section of a deck. Use a long beam or length of wood at right angles to the joists so you can raise them evenly. Once they are directly underneath the joists, you can use jacks to elevate the sagging section.

Deck Replacement: Sometimes, raising the deck is only a temporary measure. It might make more sense to replace the entire structure, so you won’t have to worry about problems for many years. This is especially true if parts of the deck have begun to settle. This may have placed a lot of stress on some parts, so it might be best to start fresh.

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