Transform Your Bathroom into Your Own Private Oasis in Essex


Busy adults have a lot on their plates; children, pets, mortgages, vehicles, jobs, and everything else that comes along with being an adult. They didn’t tell us about all of that when we signed up, right? We can’t go back to our childhood and live so simply again, but we can take measures to improve our lives overall. One of those ways is through remodeling our home to fit and enhance our lifestyle. Consider, for example, creating your own private oasis in your Essex, MD bathroom.

You may think this sounds like impossibility, but our years of experience remodeling bathrooms has shown us that sometimes the impossible is absolutely possible when you really want to make something happen. You may feel that your existing bathroom is too small to create a true oasis or spa experience at home. Call us for a consultation and we’ll show you how creative thinking and designing can make that dream a reality. Here are several ideas to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

Double Vanity with Vessel Sinks: A double vanity is absolutely necessary in today’s busy households. They allow both homeowners to prepare for bed or work at the same time without bumping elbows or feeling crowded.

Makeup Area with Storage: A makeup nook adds so much functionality to your bathroom and allows the lady of the house to prepare for work while keeping everything she needs at her fingertips. Small storage areas around the vanity mirror can hold the makeup and hair supplies to help simplify her day.

Dressing Area with Full Length Mirrors: A separate dressing area, or an extension to the walk-in closet, is perfect for making sure your socks match and that you look presentable from head to toe before going to work.

Access to Walk-in Closet: Your private master suite absolutely must have direct access to the walk-in closet from both the bathroom and the bedroom. The convenience of stepping out of the shower or bath and into the closet is simply priceless.

Sitting Area: Everyone deserves the occasional lazy day – a day in which you can get out of the shower or tub, throw on a big thick terrycloth robe, and relax in your private sitting area with a magazine, good book, phone, or tablet.

Fireplace: A fireplace is becoming a popular bathroom fixture among many homeowners. They add an air of romance and ambience to the room, and are a perfect addition for working adults with busy lives.

Hot Tub or Sunken Jacuzzi Tub: Take time to relax occasionally. A Jacuzzi tub is a wonderful way to relax and let the week’s troubles be whisked away; or at least the stress caused by those troubles.

Separate Shower Sauna: Love the steam room at the gym, but feel uncomfortable or crowded with other people there? Create your own at home. Include seating to ensure that it is comfortable as both a shower and a sauna.

Separate Toilet Area: Some couples don’t mind toilet use while other activities, such as work preparation, shower, or a bath are taking place. Others prefer more privacy while using the toilet. Create a separate toilet area for more privacy.

Top it Off with Color, Lighting, and Artwork

Your bathroom oasis wouldn’t be complete without relaxing paint colors, lighting, and decor. Choose colors that work well together to induce relaxation and peace. Call us here at Authorized Construction Group, LLC, in Essex, MD to discuss your bathroom remodel and how we can transform your existing bathroom into your private oasis.