The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Home Addition

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Home Addition

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A home addition is a wonderful way to maximize square footage and add more functionality to your home’s existing floor plan. We love remodeling and addition projects because they involve various key players in the company. We get to collaborate with homeowners and develop the perfect solution to problems they currently have with their home. Today I decided to put together an ultimate guide to planning your home addition.

Identify Problems: I thought this would be the perfect starting point for an addition planning guide. This may seem like an obvious issue because most people who want to build an addition know they need more space, right? But what we really want you to think about is why you need more space, not just that you do. Write down a few different reasons why you need more space in your home.

Create Solutions: Now that you’ve identified problems and understand why you need more space, get creative! Imagine having more space in various spots in your home. This exercise will help you determine the proper placement for the addition. Consider the idea of remodeling existing rooms while adding more space as well. You may discover that remodeling one area while adding onto another is the way you want to proceed.

Clip Magazines: Okay, that idea is a bit old fashioned, but it works. What we mean here is you can clip images from magazines, print images from Pinterest, Facebook, Google searches; collect images from anywhere you see images that fit your idea of what your home addition should look like.

Create a Budget: You’re the only person who truly understands how much money you can put into this type of home renovation. Are you paying cash, using credit cards, or taking out a second mortgage? Does the work you want done dictate the amount you’re willing to spend, or will you have some wiggle room in the budget?

Include Furnishings in Your Budget: The last thing you need is a lot of empty space. Make sure to include furnishings in your budget so you don’t have to wait for an extended period of time to furnish your new space.

Budget a Few Splurge Items: Don’t cut your budget down to the bare bones addition. Splurge items don’t have to be expensive. Try to splurge on small things that will really breathe life into the room. Buy that amazing set of ceramic vases or the cool craft desk you saw on Pinterest. Those may be poor examples, but you know what you want in your space, and we’re sure you’ve seen at least 3-4 must-have items during the planning process.

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