Upgrading Bathroom Design with 3 Major Elements

Remodeling a bathroom can present many different types of challenges. You may find yourself scratching your head as to how to do it, where to implement storage, if you want to move the plumbing, etc… When we help update your home’s bathrooms, you will have various options to consider. There are several elements of design to take into consideration. As you create a checklist of what you want, you’re going to want to keep several things in mind.

In fact, three major elements come through with most bathroom design updates. Whether you have a big area or a small amount of space, there are a few things that can make any bathroom change for the better. Let’s take a look at those things now:

Flooring Design: As you look at changing things up for the bathroom, make sure that you consider the flooring. There are several choices that you can make here. Whether you want tile, stone, or perhaps vinyl, make sure that you consider how to contrast that with the lighting and color choices of the paint on the walls.

Amidst flooring changes, also focus on little things like under cabinet lighting so that you can see late into the night, and warming elements to ensure you don’t ever have to step on a cold floor. You may choose to use plush rugs that simply protect your feet from the cold floor, or consider installing heated flooring.

Lighting Changes: Lighting can really be a great thing in the bathroom. Focus on functional elements that illuminate the areas you want. If you put on makeup, or you want more focus or control, then multiple elements of lighting can be utilized here. Several changes can be made to lighting, and you don’t have to settle on one option. Warming lights, recessed lighting, and much more can be utilized in this type of update.

Storage Elements: For t hose who have limited square footage, you are not stifled by design. You can easily change things up and create changes through mixed media compartments. Look at above counter sinks, drawers and open cabinets, and other solutions that can help with maximizing the space that you have without sacrificing much in terms of renovations. Storage options can be simple, and can help a great deal.

Budget Limitations

When you are limited on budget, look into shower head changes, tub changes, and other low cost options. Depending on how much you want to change things up, you can set your sights on the changes mentioned above as part of your upgrades. Remodeling doesn’t have to be relegated to knocking out walls and more. Let us show you how we can remodel your bathroom to suite your specific needs and lifestyle on a budget that we can all work with comfortably.