Whole Home Remodeling Create a Timeless Elegance with Built-in Elements

Remodeling a room is an exciting time; remodeling your entire home should be looked at as an amazing adventure waiting to happen! Built-in elements add a timeless grace and elegance to any home’s existing layout. Here at Authorized Construction Group, LLC, we specialize in home remodeling, home additions, and electrical services; that makes us the perfect solution for built-in elements with specialty lighting!

Simplify Your Kitchen

Built-in elements that simplify the kitchen and create a minimalist feel include:

  • Cabinet Style Refrigerator Doors: These specialty doors allow the refrigerator doors to blend with the rest of the kitchen cabinets, providing a very clean, sleek appearance. No more worrying about fingerprints or smudges on stainless steel refrigerator doors!
  • Cabinet Style Dishwasher Door: The perfect way to hide the dishwasher and improve the noise factor as well. The cabinet style dishwasher door allows the dishwasher to be hidden from view and to look like just another cabinet.
  • Hidden Range Hoods: Creative use of venting, cabinetry, and trim goes a long way in creating a seamless look for your stove and range hood.
  • Flush Mounted Ovens and Microwaves: Wall mounted ovens and microwaves really clear up the kitchen area and add to the clean, minimalistic feel.

Streamline Your Bathroom

Clean lines and built-in storage options open up the opportunity to create multi-purpose cabinets, counters, and storage areas in the bathroom. We recommend making use of vertical spaces in the bathroom in order to maximize storage and organization opportunities.

Modernize Your Closets

Build a luxury closet by adding built-in shelving for accessories and shoes. Consider hiding your hanging clothing with doors and custom cabinetry. Add a small seating area with hidden storage to aid with dressing and putting on shoes.

Built-in Shelves

Libraries, dens, and offices benefit the most from built-in shelving, but you can implement this theme throughout the home as needed. Built-in storage in a child’s room may take on many different uses as the child grows. It may, for example, be the perfect vantage point for a baby monitor, stuffed animals, and artwork during infancy. Toddlerhood brings a new big kid bed with new options for decor. The built-in shelving unit may double as a headboard for a toddler bed. This trend may continue through the teen years when your teen uses the shelves for electronic device storage and personal items.

Hidden Storage Options

Hidden storage may be created nearly anywhere in the home. Extend the kitchen cabinets to the ceiling, for example. Use the uppermost cabinets as storage for random household items instead of rarely used kitchen items. Create storage under the stairs and disguise the door openings with artwork. Use the stabilization posts in the basement as storage by building around them.

We Love Creative Thought

You may have noticed that we enjoy providing ideas on our blog. We also love brainstorming with clients to create the perfect solutions to their problems. Call us any time at Authorized Construction Group, LLC, if you’ would like to discuss built-in elements for your Essex area home.