Winter is Quickly Approaching – Are Your Home’s Electrical Needs Addressed?

  So far winter 2015-16 has been very mild. We’ve seen very little snowfall and temperatures have been quite temperate. We know from previous years that winter storms can hit fast and hard, so we’ve learned to be prepared for anything from temperate weather to blizzard in the blink of an eye. The Farmer’s Almanac […]

Combat Power Outages with Our Power Outage Guide

  We are no strangers to power outages here in the Essex area. We easily remember the big snowstorm of 2009 and the snowstorm last year that rendered most of the east coast without power for a few days. Hurricane Sandy is often on our minds during the spring and summer months because of the […]

Building onto Your Home? Don’t Strain Your Electrical Panel

  A home addition is, in general, an exciting time for a homeowner. There is so much hustle and bustle as the time approaches, and so many options to choose from in regards to materials that most homeowners don’t even consider what their new addition is going to do to the electrical panel. Most electrical […]

6 Tell Tale Signs that You Need a New Residential Electrical Panel

  The electrical panel is the big gray box that is likely located in the corner of a bedroom, tucked away in a closet, or in the basement. The primary job of the electrical panel is to supply power to all areas of the home. It also houses the breakers, which are the security mechanisms […]

What Does it Mean to Heavy up Your Electrical System?

  It’s always nice to have the latest electronic gadgets and devices in your home. Every year, manufacturers release improved products but is your home ready? Whether you realize it or not, today’s electronic devices often have slightly different energy demands. When you call in a professional to look at your home’s electrical system, you […]

Replace Your Electrical Wiring if You Notice Any of These 5 Warning Signs

  Your home’s electrical system is what keeps everything running smoothly – literally. We generally notice oddities with our electrical system when they happen because they’re pretty rare. We notice, for example, when we plug something into an outlet and hear a buzzing noise or see a spark, because we know that isn’t supposed to […]

6 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather

  Thanksgiving is almost here, and December is just around the corner. Winter weather is settling into the Essex area, and now is the perfect time to make sure everything is in order for colder weather. Winterizing your home will protect it and your family from freezing temperatures. Always remember to take precautions and have […]

6 Common Residential Wiring Problems and How to Fix or Avoid Them

  Residential electricity is one of our specialties. We often answer calls about flickering lights, outlets that aren’t working, electrical heat odors, and other very common wiring problems. It’s never recommended that homeowners with no electrical knowledge try to repair the electrical system on their own. Electricity is potentially deadly and should always be taken […]

Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal with a New Lighted Garden Walkway

  There are several pieces to the puzzle of home ownership. Once you’re in your home, you will find that you may want to renovate, upgrade, or simply maintain the overall value. In time, you may even want to sell your home, and that means enhancing certain positives and creating new elements to help with […]

How to Calculate Your Home’s Total Electrical Needs

  Electricity is one area that confuses a lot of homeowners. Some don’t realize that if they have a 2,500 square foot home and they add 500 square feet, they may need to install an entirely new electrical system for the addition so the existing system isn’t strained beyond capacity. Here’s a quick guide for […]